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  • What is acrylic processing aids and their funcations?

    ACR processing aids is a copolymer of methyl methacrylate, acrylate and styrene. Besides used as 

    processing aids, it also be used as impact modifier.

    Main Functions:

    1. It has good compatibility and dispersion with PVC,can promote PVC melt  and plasticization, effectively

    reduces the melting temperature of PVC, and improves the weatherability of products.

    2. It can change the melt rheological behavior of PVC materials and improve the fluidity of PVC materials,

    thus making it easier to extrude or inject

    3. It can improve the strength of PVC melt materials, avoid pvc melt rupture, solve surface problems such 

    as shark skin, and improve the intrinsic quality and surface gloss of products.

    4. It can effectively prevent pressure fluctuation and flow scars caused by extrusion and injection molding, 

    and effectively avoid surface problems such as ripple and zebra line.

    5. It can improve the surface gloss of the products, because the plasticization is uniform, at the same time

    it can help to improve the mechanical properties of the products, such as tensile strength, impact strength

    and elongation at break.

    6. It can significantly reduce the deposition of various additives such as stabilizers, pigments and calcium 

    powder on the surface of PVC products.

    7.Foaming regulator can effectively adjust the density and size of the cell, greatly increase the strength of 

    PVC melt materials, thus effectively wrap the foaming gas, form a uniform honeycomb structure, prevent

    gas escaping, and reduce the density of products.

    8. Good metal peeling property, because it belongs to macromolecule materials, will not cause precipitation

    problems like lubricants.

    9. Improve the consistency of the quality of PVC products, such as appearance gloss, tensile strength, 

    impact strength and elongation at break, etc.

    10. Effectively prevent surface defects, such as silver wire, caused by pressure fluctuation and flow scars 

    during extrusion and injection moulding.

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