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  • What is mainly type antioxidants used on plastics?

    1. Phenolic antioxidant is the most widely used in plastics. 1010.1076,BHT ,But BHT is decreasing year by

    year due to its low molecular weight, high volatility, yellowing and discoloration.  

    2.Phosphite antioxidant is an auxiliary antioxidant, The main general varieties are TNPP and irgafos168,

    Ultranox 626, Mark PEP-36, Cyanox 2777 and so on.

    3.Sulfur antioxidants,Compared with phosphorus antioxidants, the development and application of sulfur

    antioxidants are monotonous, the main product are Sumilizer TP-D, TM610, MarkAO-23, Irganox 1035,

    1192 and Irganox 1520.

    4.Metal ion passivators. At present, the main metal ion passivators are bis-salicyldiamine. The representative

    varieties are Irganox MD1024 and Nouguard XL-1 introduced by Ciba and Euniroil.

    5. Compound antioxidants have become one of the main trends in the development of plastic additives

    industry. High-efficiency composite antioxidants are composed of hindered phenols, phosphite and

    thioester. In addition, there are also hindered phenolic antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbents.

    The representative varieties are Irganox B, Irganox LC, IrganoxLM, IrganoxHP, IrganoxXP,

    Ultranox 815A, 817A, 875A, 877A of General Motors, Recyclestab411 and 811 of composite antioxidants

    for recycled plastics, etc.

    6. Polyphenol antioxidant WINGSTAY < L antioxidant is an effective polyphenol additive with high activity

    and low volatility.

    7. Natural antioxidants. Natural non-toxic antioxidants such as vitamin E, tocopherol, etc

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