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  • How to Classify Acrylate Polymers?

    Acrylate polymers can be divided into the following categories according to their chemical composition: methyl 

    methacrylate (MMA)/acrylate copolymer, MMA/styrene copolymer, acrylonitrile/styrene and so on.


    According to their functions, they are mainly divided into impact modifiers and processing aid. Impact modifiers 

    mainly provide impact resistance of plastic products. Methyl methacrylate accounts for 10-20% o, acrylate 

    accounts for 80-90% which is a core-shell structure with hard outside and soft inside.


    Processing aid can be divided into three main types according to their molecular weight and viscosity.

    1. Molecular weight is 0.5-1.0million, intrinsic viscosity is 1.0-2.2. This kind of processing aid be called 

    lubricating processing aids. It has the same good metal peeling performance as OPE WAX. The difference 

    is that it has good compatibility with PVC, so it will not precipitate.nomrla type K175,ACR175


    2. Molecular weight is 1.0-1.5 million, viscosity is 2.5-5.5. This kind of processing modifier is called accelerating 

    plasticizing processing aids. It mainly promotes plasticizing, improves melt rheological properties, improves 

    other additives dispersion, reduces plasticizing temperature and improves product appearance quality.

    normal type: ACR-401,K-120N,K-125,PA-21


    3. Molecular weight is more than 1.5 million, viscosity is 10-14, this kind of processing aids is called foaming 

    regulator, because it has ultra-high molecular weight, winding on the PVC structure to form a strong network

    structure, greatly improve the strength of PVC melt, can effectively encapsulate foaming gas, prevent gas 

    escaping, form a uniform honeycomb porous structure, improve product surface quality, improve high gloss.

    Normal type:ACR-530,HL-90,DL-686-HX-901

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