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  • What are the common plastic lubricants?

    1.Fatty acid:

    Stearic acid,at low tempreture, as internal lubricants, at high tempreture as external lubricants

    2.Fatty acid amide lubricant

    1).Stearic acid amide:excellent external lubrication effectGood transparency, dispersibility, gloss and electrical

    insulation are also good, non-toxic,used as PVC, PS, UF resin processing lubricant, also as polyolefin smoothing

    agent and anti-adhesion agent. The general dosage is 0.1%~2.0%.

    2)N, N, ethylene bisstearate amide (EBS): widely used in smoothing agents, anti-adhesion agents, Externla

    lubricants and antistatic agents. Non toxic, suitable for PE, PP, PS, ABS resin . The general dosage is 0.2%~2.0%.

    3)Oleic acid amide: It can be used as a smoothing agent and anti-sticking agent for PE, PP, PA and other plastics.

    It can improve the processing and forming performance. It also has anti-static effect. It can reduce the adhesion of

    dust on the surface of products. It is a good internal lubricant in the processing and forming of PVC.

    4)Butyl stearate : as an internal lubricant for resin processing, although incompatible with PVC, but can be used

    as a lubricant for PVC transparent sheet extrusion, injection molding, calendering and defilm agent. The general

    dosage is 0.5%~1.0%.

    5)Glycerol trihydroxy stearate: It can be used as lubricant for PVC, ABS, MBS and defilm agent for synthetic

    rubber. The general dosage is 0.25%~1.5%.

    3. Hydrocarbon lubricants

    1)Microcrystalline paraffin: Good thermal stability and lubricity are better than paraffin wax, but it will reduce

    the gelation rate, so the dosage should not be too large,usually used with butyl stearate or high melting fatty acids,

    used as external lubricants. The general dosage is 0.1%~0.2%.

    2)Solid paraffin, which belongs to external lubricant, can improve the surface gloss of products, but its compatibility,

    dispersibility and thermal stability are poor.manly used for PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PBT, PET, cellulose and other plastics.

    3)Polyethylene wax: It has good mid-term and late lubricity, can play the role of anti-adhesive. It can be used as

    pigment dispersant in color masterbatch processing, lubricant in PVC-U, lubricant and release agent in PVC, PE,

    PP, ABS, PET, PBT plastic forming. The general dosage is 0.1%~0.5%.

    Oxy polyethylene wax: it has good internal and external lubricity, and gives the product good transparency and

    gloss. It is mainly used in PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PBT, PET and other resins. Dosage 0.1%~1.0%.

    Ft wax: mainly used as external lubricants, dispesant agent, mianly used on PVC, masterbatch

    4.Fatty acid ester

    Lubricant G60 Lubricants G70, GMS, DGM

    They can used tansparent pvc film

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