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  • What is commonly optical brightener used in plastics?

    In the field of plastics, optical brightener is a chemical additive with small dosage, but it can obviously 

    improve the whiteness of plastics  The main varieties of optical brightener for plastics are as follows:

    Optical brightener OB (C.I.184)

    It is suitable for whitening of all kinds of plastics including PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, thermoplastic plastics, 

    ink, paint, etc. It has good sunshine fastness and no yellowing phenomenon. It is soluble in organi

    solvents and has very good whiteness effect. It is equivalent to Uvitex OB (Huntsman).

    Optical brightener OB-1 (C.I.393)

    It has strong fluorescent whitening effect, wide application range, can be widely used in polyester fibers, 

    nylon fibers and various forms of plastics, and has ideal heat resistance for high temperature, equivalent 

    to: Eastobright OB-1 (Eastman).

    Optical brightener FP-127 (C.I.378)

    Soluble in organic solvents, maximum absorption wavelength 368 nm, maximum emission wavelength 

    436 nm; with PVC, PS and other plastics have good solubility; good whiteness effect, color, light and

    thermal stability; equivalent to: Uvitex FP (Huntsman).

    Optical brightener KCB (C.I.367)

    It is suitable for the whitening of high polymer in various processing technologies, has very ideal

     whitening effect, light blue color, and is equivalent to: Hostalux KCB (Hoechest).

    Optical brightener KSN

    Mainly used for whitening polyester, polyamide, polypropylene acrylic fibers, but also for whitening plastic products.

    Optical brightener ER-1

    ER-1 is very suitable for the whitening of Taenia (polyester) fibers. It also has a good whitening effect on 

    polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other products. It has good thermal stability for high

    temperature above 330 C.

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