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  • Introduction of common foaming agents for rubber and plastics

    1. Azodicarbonate, AC blowing agent,ADC foaming agent

    Usage: suitable for PE, PVC, PS, PP, ABS, etc. The decomposition temperature of AC blowing agent is high, and the bubbles produced are uniform and compact. It is suitable for all kinds of foaming products, such as closed cell foam, atmospheric or pressurized foaming body, thick or thin foamed body, etc. Such as PVC and plasticized paste foam, polyolefin calendering and moulding foam, foamed artificial leather, etc.

    2.Foamer H,Blowing agent H,Foaming agent H,N, N'-dinitrosopentamethylene tetramine;

    It is mainly used for manufacturing sponge rubber and polyvinyl chloride in plastics. Large amount of gas and high foaming efficiency.

    3. p-toluene sulfonyl hydrazide, Foaming agent TSH,

    Usage: This product is a low-temperature foaming agent, suitable for PVC and other plastics and rubber. It is especially suitable for manufacturing closed-cell foam plastics and sponge rubber. This product can not be used with blowing agent H, because the reaction of these two blowing agents produces a lot of heat, which can lead to internal burning of the product. This product should not be used with lead salt to avoid the precipitation of black lead sulfide.

    4.Foaming agent OBSH,Blowing agent H,4,4'-oxodibis (benzenesulfonyl semicarbazide),

    It can be used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber (e.g. EPDM, SBR, CR, FKM, IIR, NBR) and thermoplastic products (e.g. PVC, PE, PS, ABS), as well as in rubber-resin mixtures.

    It can be used with other foaming agents. It is also called universal foaming agent because of its wide use.

    5Carbonates, sodium bicarbonate , Modified sodium bicarbonate,NC blowing agent

    is inorganic foaming agent, It belongs to endothermic foaming agent, The decomposition temperature is between 130 180 C, and the gas yield is 125 mL/g.usually used on PVC,PS

    6. Expansible microsphere foaming agent is a new special foaming. Microsphere foaming agent is a kind of core-shell structure. The shell is a thermoplastic acrylic resin polymer and the core is a spherical plastic particle composed of alkane gases. The diameter is usually 10-45 microns. After heating, the volume can rapidly expand to tens of times its own, thus achieving the effect of foaming. The foaming temperature of microspheres ranged from 75 ~260 C.

    Mainly used in plastic soles, such as PVC, EVA, TPU/TPE (SEBS/SBS)/TPR. Also used in rubber foaming.

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