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  • What is mainly formulation components for UPVC pipe?

    UPVC pipe, also known as rigid PVC pipe, isan amorphous thermoplastic vinyl chloride resin by 

    adding certain additives(such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, modifiers, etc.) through extruder 

    processing get to plasic pipe

    Formulation components

    1.PVC resin

    In order to obtain rapid and uniformplasticization, should use suspension method loosen pvc resin.

    K value of theresin is 66-68.

    2.PVC stabilizer

    Commonly used lead-based one pack stabilizers,calcium-zinc stabilizers, tin stabilizers

    Lead stabilizer have good heatstability,price very cheap, calcium zinc stabilizer is environmentally 

    friendlyand non-toxic, tin stabilizer is the best heat stabilizer, environmentallyfriendly and less dosage


    Calcium stearate, stearic acid, paraffinand polyethylene wax are commonly used as internal and

    external lubricants.


    The filler can improve the performance andreduce the cost. Calcium carbonate can play a skeleton

    role in plasticproducts, which has a great effect on the dimensional stability of plasticproducts, can

    improve the hardness of products, and can also improve thesurface gloss and smoothness of products.

    Usually use GCC,Sometime also mixwith PCC together

    5 Modified System

    Modification systems often includeprocessing  aid and impact modifier.

    The main function of processing aid is topromote the melting of resin and improve the rheological

    properties of melt.Because of the entanglement of molecular chains, the elasticity, strength and 

    elongation of PVC were improved.

    Impact modifier

    Because UPVC is a brittle material, theproduct is easy to be damaged under external force, so it is 

    necessary to addimpact modifier to improve the impact strength of the product.

    6.Coloring system:

    Commonly used pigments:

    Carbon black, titanium dioxide, ultramarineblue, optical brightener

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