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  • What is lead stabilizer or lead salt stabilizer?

    Lead salt stabilizer,Lead compounds, usually based on a mixture of lead salts have been very cost-effective

    heat stabilisers for many years.

    Advantages of lead stabilizers

    Eexcellent thermal stability, long-term thermal stability, excellent electrical insulation, good weather resistance

    and low price. 

    Disadvantages of lead salt stabilizers

    Poor dispersibility, high toxicity and initial coloring. It is difficult to obtain transparent products and bright colors.

    They lack lubricity and are prone to sulfur pollution. 

    Commonly used lead salt stabilizers are:

    (1) Tribasic lead sulfate

    Tribasic lead sulfate is the most commonly used stabilizer. It is commonly used with lead bisphosphate. Because

    of its non-lubrication, it needs a lubricant. Mainly used in rigid opaque PVC product

    (2) Dibasic lead phosphite

    The thermal stability of dibasic lead phosphite is slightly lower than that of tribasic lead sulfate, but its weatherability

    is better than that of tribasic lead sulfate. Dibasic lead phosphite is often used with tribasic lead sulfate, the amount

    of which is generally 1/2 of that of tribasic lead sulfate.

    (3) Dibasic lead stearate

    The code name is DLS, which is not as good as tribasic lead sulfate and dibasic lead phosphite. It has lubricity.

    It is often used with tribasic lead sulfate and dibasic lead phosphite, and the dosage is 0.5-1.5 phr.

    (4) Lead stearate

    Lead stearate can be used as thermal stabilizer and lubricant for PVC, as auxiliary stabilizer, and as high

    temperature lubricant and tbls. 

    Usally lead salt stabilizer is powder, easy to be absorbed into the human body, causing lead poisoning. In addition,

    the use of a single lead stabilizer together will have a synergistic effect, increase thermal stability. At the same time,

    a certain amount of internal and external lubricants are added to get lead based one pack stabilizer is more

    suitable for processing of PVC plastic products. 

    These one-packs are tailored to suit the processing technique, primarily extrusion and injection moulding.

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