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  • What is optical brightener?

    Optical brightener, also called fluorescent brightener, it is a fluorescent dye, or white dye, Its characteristic

    is that it can stimulate the incident light to produce fluorescence, so that the dyed substance can obtain

    a fluorite-like shining effect, so that the substance seen by the naked eye is very white.


    The principle of optical brightener  is to absorb invisible ultraviolet light (the wavelength range is about

    (60-380 nm) and convert it into blue or purple visible light with longer wavelength, so that it can compensate

    for the unwanted yellowish color in the matrix and reflect more visible light than the original incident

    wavelength in the range of 400-600 nm, thus making it possible for the fluorescent whitening agent to

    absorb more visible light than the original incident wavelength. The products look whiter, brighter and brighter.

    Optical brightener is a kind of color conditioner, which has the function of brightening and whitening.

    It is widely used in plastic, paper making, textile, detergent and other fields.

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