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  • What is organic tin stabilizer?

    Organic tin stabilizer is widely used in PVC industry. It is suitable for PVC calendering, extrusion,

    Blow moulding, injection moulding and other moulding processes. (This type stabilizer usually not

    be used with lead, cadmium and other stabilizers.)

    In PVC industry, usually mainly have follow three type organic tin stabilizer:

    Laurate esters, maleate esters and mercaptan are commonly used in industry.

    Main features

    Extremely high thermal stability and excellent initial coloration;

    Excellent transparency, pure color, little gas, no precipitation

    Excellent high temperature chroma stability and long-term dynamic stability. No Scaling Phenomenon

    Under the same effect, the amount of methyl tin is less than that of butyl tin and octyl tin, 

    And the amount of organic tin stabilizer also dosage less more than other type PVC stabilizer

    No lead, cadmium and other heavy metals, safe and hygienic, can be used for food 

    packaging and medical materials

    Application area

    PVC film (heat shrinkable packaging film, printing film, calendering film, twisting film, etc.)

    PVC sheets (transparent soft and hard film, Christmas film, advertising film, composite film, etc.)

    PVC Particles (Granules, Shells of Electronic Communications Equipment, etc.)

    PVC building materials (pipes and fittings, chemical pipes, building materials, profiles, etc.)

    PVC Medical Appliances (Infusion Sets, etc.), Food Packaging Materials, Domestic Appliances

    and Other Products

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