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  • What is plastic pigments?

    Plastic pigments, it is the raw materials that can change the color of plastics,the colorants of plastics 

    include pigments and dyes.


    The main dyes are oil-soluble dyes, alcohol-soluble dyes and disperse dyes. They can be colored by

    dissolving, penetrating and adsorbing in resins. They are especially suitable for coloring transparent 

    resins such as polystyrene. They have bright colors, but are heat-resistant, light-resistant and solvent-

    resistant. The performance is poor.


    Pigment colorants include inorganic pigments and organic pigments, which are dispersed in resins 

    and plastics in the form of small particles to make them colored.


    Inorganic pigments have high thermal stability and durability, but their color is not bright, chromatographic

    varieties are few, and a few of them are toxic, which limits their application scope. The widely used 

    varieties are titanium dioxide pigments, zinc oxide, iron oxide red, carbon black and so on.


    Compared with inorganic pigments, organic pigments have many advantages, such as complete

    chromatogram, bright colour, high colouring power and transparency, low toxicity, wide application range, 

    suitable for plastics colouring, slightly poor heat, light and weather resistance.

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