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  • What is PVC plasticizers?

    Plasticizers are the largest users of PVC plastics additives in terms of quantity and output. 95% of the global

    total amount of plasticizers is used for PVC products.

    All raw materials when added in plastics, can  increase the plasticity of plastics we call them as plasticzer


    The main role of plasticizers is to weaken the van der Waals force between polymer molecules, thus increasing

     the mobility of polymer molecular chains, reducing the crystallinity of polymer molecular chains, and increasing

     the plasticity of polymers. It is shown that the hardness, modulus, softening temperature and embrittlement

     temperature of polymers decrease,  elongation, flexibility and flexibility increase.


    Plasticizer is a low molecular chemical or polymer, which can increase the plasticity of the polymer,it is 

    generally a kind of liquid with high boiling point and difficult to volatilize or solid with low solubility, and most

     of them are ester organic compounds. Usually they do not react with polymers. The interaction with 

    polymers is mainly due to swelling at elevated temperatures, forming a solid solution with polymers.


    As plasticizer should have the following properties: 

    (1) Good compatibility with PVC resin;

    (2) High plasticizing efficiency;

    (3) thermo and light stability;

    (4) Low volatility 

    (5) Low mobility;

    (6) Drainage of water, oil and organic solvents;

    (7) Good flexibility at low temperature;

    (8) Good flame retardant

    (9) Good electrical insulation;

    (10) Colorless, tasteless and non-toxic;

    (11) Good mildew resistance;

    (12) Good pollution resistance;

    (13) The plasticized paste has good viscosity stability.

    (14) Good price

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