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  • Why pvc plastics must use pvc stabilizer?

    PVC is one of the largest plastic products in the world. Pure PVC resin is very sensitive to heat and

    light.When the heating temperature reaches above 90 degree , slight thermal decomposition will occur.

    When the temperature reaches 120 C, obvious thermal decomposition reaction occurs, which makes 

    the color of PVC resin from white to yellow to brown to black, and completely decomposes and burns

    at 140 C.

    PVC resin only after melted and plasticized. The fluid of PVC should be moulded and cooled then

    can get PVC plastics,PVC resin melt and plasticized must need tempretuer arrived 160 to 200 degrees

    So if we wanted let pvc resin become PVC plastics ,PVC stabilizer must be added to prevent the

    decomposition of PVC resin. And in the long-term use of PVC plastic products, enough heat stabilizers 

    remaintained to prevent the degradation of light and heat. Improving the service life of Plastic Products

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