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  • The raw materials and their funcation for PVC foam board

    1.PVC resin

    SG-7,K 60, or SG-5 mix with SG-8

    2.PVC stabilizer

    Lead based one pack PVC stabilizer or Ca/Zn stabilizer,

    Funcation:Prevent the heat decomposition of PVC resin. Help the product to form

    3.Chemical Foaming agent

    AC blowing agent.NC blwing agent( white blowing agent), AC foaming agent belongs to the exothermic foaming agent, 

    NC foaming agent belongs to the endothermic foaming  agen

    4.PVC Foaming regulator

    Funcation: improve the melt strength of the melt and prevent the merger of the bubbles, so as to get the PVC foaming

    products with uniform foaming. At the same time, it can also promote the plasticization of PVC to ensure that the melt 

    has good fluidity

    5.lubricants processing aid ACR175

    Promoting plasticiation, stripping between materials and metals ,keep the material better fluidity

    6.Lubtricant G60

    It is internal lubricants promoting plasticization, improving polymer fluidity and improving the surface finish of products.

    7 PE WAX

    It is external lubricants,Reduce the friction between the polymer and the surface of the machine to prevent it from adhering 

    to the mechanical surface

    8.AC-316A OR OA-6

    It is high melt point ope wax, have good internal and external lubricants in middle and late processing

    9.titanium dioxide ,optical brithener ,Ultramarine

    As pigment ,let product more white, and look blue shade


    Usually used coated calcium carbonate,Filler caco3 can inrease strengh of foaming board,can reduct cost of PVC foam board

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