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  • Introduce of raw materials for SPC floor production

    SPC(stone plastic compound)floor is a new type of environmental protection floor, with zero formaldehyde, mildew-proof, moisture-proof, fire-proof, insect-proof, simple installation and other characteristics. Widely used in offices, hotels, business, home and other indoor places.

    The raw materials be needed to produce SPC flooring are as follows

    1. PVC resin: K vaule 66-68 with good strength and toughness and environmental protection.

    2.PVC Stabilizer, becuase SPC floor usually used indoor, so lead based,tin stabilizer usually not be used, solid calcium zinc stabilize powder be used, no harmful metal and bad small

    3.CaCO3: can't choose too coarse or too small calcium carbonate, the partical size better is 400-800 mesh.

    4. Lubrication: usally use stearic acid or lubricants as internal lubricants, use PE wax as external lubricants, also can use some ope wax improve quality of spc floor

    5. ACR processing aid :becuase filler content is high.so plasticization demand also is high, adding ACR promote plasticizite, and ensure that the melting has good strength

    6. Imapct modifier:

    SPC floor not only need low shrinkage rate, good rigidity, and requires a certain toughness, rigidity and toughness balance each other, ensure lock fastness, high temperature is not soft, and maintain in the low temperature toughness.

    7. Dispersants: due to the large number of components and the large proportion of calcium carbonate added, the infiltration and dispersion treatment of calcium carbonate and the dispersion of each component are very important. The dispersion can not only improve the processing performance, but also improve the product performance, improve the die removal cycle, reduce and delay the wear of the screw barrel.

    8. Recycle powder: use the company's production and reprocessing materials as much as possible

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