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  • What are the main types of plasticizers?

    1. Phthalate esters are the most widely used plasticizers at present. They have the characteristics of light color,

    low toxicity, good electrical performance, small volatile components, low odor and low temperature resistance. 

    At present, phthalates esters is 80-85% of the total plasticizers.

    The main products: DOP, DIOP, DIDP, DINP, DBP, DIBP, DOTP.


    2. Fatty acid esters have good cryogenic properties, but they are poorly soluble with polyvinyl chloride, so they

    can only be used as cold-resistant plasticizers and co-phthalates.

    The main products are: DOA, DOS, DIDA, DBS, DIOS


    3. Phosphate ester phosphate has good compatibility with polyvinyl chloride and other resins, and its transparency

    is good, but it is toxic. They are plasticizers and flame retardants. The low temperature performance of aromatic

    phosphate is very poor, while that of aliphatic phosphate is better, but its thermal stability is poor and durability is 

    not as good as that of aromatic phosphate.

    The main products are: TCP, TPP. DPOP, CDPP.


    4. Epoxy ester plasticizer is a widely used additive in recent years. It can absorb hydrogen chloride released 

    during the decomposition of polyvinyl chloride resin, and can also be compatible with polyvinyl chloride resin, 

    so it is plasticizer and stabilizer. It is mainly used as a co-plasticizing punishment for polyvinyl chloride products

    with high weatherability.

    The main proudct is epoxy soybean oil and epoxy fatty acid methyl ester.


    5. Polyester plasticizers generally have low plasticizing efficiency, high viscosity, poor processability and low

    temperature, but low volatility, low mobility, oil resistance and soap water extraction, so they are good durability 

    plasticizers. It usually needs to be used with phthalates as main plasticizers. Polyesters are mostly used in

    automobiles, wires and cables, refrigerators and other long-term products.

    The main varieties are low molecular weight polyesters synthesized by condensation of adipic acid, sebacic 

    acid and other aliphatic dibasic acids with diethylene glycol, propylene glycol and butanediol.


    6. Triphenylidene triester is a kind of plasticizer with excellent properties. It has the advantages of both monomer

    plasticizer and polymer plasticizer. Low volatility, low mobility, extraction resistance and durability are similar to

    polyester plasticizers, while miscibility, additivity and low temperature are similar to phthalate ester inflammation.

    The main products are TOTM, NODTM


    7.Chlorinated paraffin is the most widely used chlorinated plasticizer at present. Chlorinated paraffins have

    low price, excellent electrical properties and flame retardancy, but poor miscibility and thermal stability. They 

    are only used as by-plasticizers.


    8. Alkyl sulfonic acid vinegar is a kind of plasticizer with good compatibility and can be used as the main

    plasticizer. If it is used with phthalate esters as main plasticizer, the effect is better. Its mechanical properties, 

    electrical properties and weatherability are good, but its cold resistance is poor.

    The main products are petroleum sulfonate phenyl ester (M-50) and chlorinated petroleum ester.


    9. Polyol ester ester plasticizer has low volatility, good extraction resistance, difficult thermal decomposition and

    oxidation, and good electrical insulation performance. It is a good heat-resistant plasticizer, suitable for high 

    temperature wire insulation formula, but expensive.

    The main products are pentaerythritol ester (PCB) and ethylene glycol 59 acid ester (0259).


    10. Other camphors, crystals with special odor, are highly volatile, slightly soluble in water, and soluble in most

    lacquer solvents. It is an excellent plasticizer for cellulose nitrate and cellulose ester.

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