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  • What is UPVC pipe,fitting, and their characteristics ,applications?

    UPVC pipe, pipe fittings is only second to PE pipe, better than cast iron pipe, galvanized pipe , 

    U in UPVC, it is unplasticized, Without plasticizer, chlorine in PVC raw materials will evaporate completely.

    Product characteristics:

    A. Strong corrosion resistance: Compared with cast iron pipes and galvanized pipes, PVC pipes have excellent 

    corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali resistance, no rust and scaling. Do not worry about the phenomenon

    of "out, yellow water, red water" when using.

    B. Low fluid resistance: the inner wall of PVC pipe is very smooth. Its surface roughness coefficient is only 0.009, 

    its fluid resistance is very small and its conveying capacity is large.

    C. High mechanical strength: UPVC pipe for water supply has good water pressure resistance, impact resistance 

    tensile strength. It can withstand 110 atmospheric pressure for 1 hour at room temperature without breaking.

    D. Hygienic and non-toxic: UPVC pipe for water supply uses a unique green lead-free formula system instead 

    of the traditional compound lead salt formula system, so it will not destroy water quality and affect human health.

    E. Light texture, easy installation and construction: the density of PVC pipe is one fifth of that of ordinary cast iron, 

    easy to transport, load and unload. And special adhesive paste or elastic seals are used for socketing, which makes 

    installation and construction simple and fast.

    F. Temperature adaptability of water supply pipes: The temperature range of UPVC pipes for water supply is room 

    temperature. The temperature is low, brittleness increases, which is not conducive to installation and construction;

     the temperature is high, the tensile strength decreases, and the water pressure resistance decreases.

    G. Good water tightness: 15 minutes after adhesive bonding, the bonding strength can reach 12.5/C or more,

    and it will not decrease significantly after years of use. The sealing ring of elastic seals socket also has a considerable

    service life with PVC pipe, and there is no risk of aging and leakage.

    Upvc Pipe Material, Pipe Fittings Main Applications:

    1. Tap water piping project (including indoor water supply and outdoor municipal water pipes), because UPVC plastic

    pipes have the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, rust resistance, non-scaling, water 

    quality protection, and avoiding secondary pollution of water quality.

    2. In water-saving irrigation piping project, the use of UPVC spray-drip irrigation system can save 50-70% water 

    compared with ordinary irrigation, save fertilizer and pesticide consumption, and increase crop yield by 30-80%.

    3. Rainwater pipes and downspouts for construction.

    4. UPVC plastic pipe has excellent insulation ability and is widely used as cable conduit for post and telecommunications.

    5. UPVC plastic pipes are acid and alkali resistant and corrosion resistant. Many chemical plants are used as infusion pipes.

    Others are also used in well sinking engineering, medical piping engineering, mineral brine transportation piping engineering,

    electrical piping engineering and so on.

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