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  • What are optical brighteners and how they work?

    Optical brightener(Fluorescent brightener) is a kind of organic compound that can improve the whiteness of products

    The initial color of white products will be yellowish, mainly because white products have slight absorption of blue light on 

    the short wave side of the visible light, so they will be yellowish, affecting the whiteness of products. In order to improve

    the appearance and quality of products, we add optical brightener in the production process,

    Working principle of fluorescent whitening agent:

    The fluorescent brightener can absorb the invisible ultraviolet light (the wavelength range is about (60-380 nm), and

     then reflect the visible light with the wavelength of (400-600) nm in the blue-purple light area, which is emitted in the 

    form of fluorescence, so that the micro yellow color light and the blue-purple color light of the product complement 

    each other, thus improving the whiteness of the product without reducing the brightness, so that the product appear

    more white, more brighter and more beautiful

    Application area of optical brightener

    Paper making, plastics, detergents, textiles. At the same time, fluorescent brighteners are also used in many high-tech fields, such as: fluorescent detection, dye laser, anti-counterfeiting printing, and even high-sensitivity film for aerial photography, in order to improve the sensitivity of sensitive latex, fluorescent brighteners will also be used.

    Common products as follow:

    OB, OB-1, fp-127, er, KCB, KSN, VBL, CBS, CXT, etc

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