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  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resinemulsion PVC resin(E-PVC) is a product branch of polyvinyl chloride resin. Compared with suspension resin, it is a highly dispersed powder with a particle size range generally ranging from 0.1 to 2.0 μM,The particle size distribution of suspension resin is generally between 20 and 200 μM)

    Polyvinyl chloride paste resin has a fine particle size and a texture similar to talc powder, which has non fluidity. PVC paste, also known as PVC plasticizer paste or PVC sol, is made by mixing PVC paste resin with plasticizer and stirring to form a stable suspension

  • PVC paste resin is mainly used in the field of soft PVC plastics. Suitable for processing techniques such as coating, impregnation, spraying, and foaming, it is widely used in artificial leather, decorative materials, floor leather, wall paper, industrial conveyor belts, sports venues, coatings, adhesives, toys, disposable medical gloves, daily decorative materials, electrical instruments, and electrical tools.

    There are three main preparation methods for PVC paste resin:

    1. lotion seed polymerization

    2. Micro suspension method

    3. Mixing method (first lotion seed polymerization method, then micro suspension method)

    Lotion polymerization PVC paste resin is mainly leather material,(including floor leather, tent leather and conveyor belt)

    The PVC paste resin produced by micro suspension polymerization is also known as glove material.

    The three important parameters of PVC paste resin are K value, degree of polymerization, and B viscosity

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