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  • Zinc based liquid pvc stabilizer

    zinc based liquid stabilizers usally refer to  liquid barium-zinc stabilizer, liquid calcium-zinc stabilizer

    liquid barium-cadmium-zinc stabilizer, liquid barium-cadmium stabilizer, liquid potassium-zinc 

    foaming stabilizer.

    Main Components of Liquid Stabilizers

    Metal soap (naphthenic acid, calcium isooctanate, zinc, barium, cadmium salt)

    Organic Solvents: Mineral Oil, Liquid Paraffin Oil

    Co-stabilizers: phosphite esters, epoxides and phenolic antioxidants, beta-diones, etc.

    Liquid stabilizers have excellent thermal and light stability, small initial coloring, good 

    transparency and color stability, good dispersion and lubricity.

    Liquid stabilizers are usually used in PVC products with good softness. Reference criteria are 

    PVC products with total plasticizers greater than 10-20 phr, such as plastic film, packaging 

    sheets, artificial leather, plastic soles, etc.

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