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  • On PVC foam platics, usually we used AC blowing agent and NC blowing agent together

    AC blowing agent(Azodicanrbonate), it is one type exothermic chemical foaming agent,,The decomposition

    temperature is very high, can reach 200-205 degrees, this temperature is far beyond the PVC processing

    temperature, so need reduce the decomposition temperature of AC blowing agent. At the same time, the

    foaming rate is also high, about 190-260ml/g, The decomposition rate is fast and the heat release is great,

    but the foaming time is short and the burst is strong.

    So when AC foaming agent dosage excessive, gas volume is too large, the pressure inside the bubble growth,

    bubble size growth is too large, rapid release of gas, the bubble structure damage, bubble size distribution

    is uneven, and the formation of open pore structure, will produce larger bubbles and holes in the local.

    NC blowing agent( white blowing agent), it is one one type endothermic chemical foaming agent, the

    docompostions,tempreture abaot 130-140degree, foaming rate abaot 130, Although NC blowing agent

    has low foaming rate, but it has a long foaming time and can be mixed with AC foaming agent, it can play

    a complementary and balanced role.

    AC foaming agent improves the gas generating ability of NC foaming agent. NC foaming agent can make

    AC foaming agent cool, stability, keep AC decomposition and release gas evenly, inhibit the overheating

    degradation of plate, and reduce residue precipitation

    Therefore, PVC foam plastics usually use NC blowing agent replace part of AC blowing agent. Preventing

    bubble breaking caused by AC foaming agent.

    Usually advise dosage

    AC blowing agent 0.3-0.5 phr,

    NC blowing agent 1.0-1.2Phr

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