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PVC industry mainly used follow PVC raw materials

1. PVC resin, based on diffrent applications, usually k74,k67,k59 used on soft, rigid, injection PVC platics

2. Filler, usually used ground caco3, precipitated calcium carbonate, nano calcium carbonate coated

3. Plasiticzer, mianly inluding DOP, DBP, ESBO, Chlorianted paraffin, DOTP,EFMA

4. Internal lubricant: calcium stearate, GMS, lubricants G60, stearic acid

5. External lubricants:PE WAX, F.T wax, paraffin wax, Lubricant G70,

6. Impact modifier: CPE135A, AIM, MBS

7. Processing aid: Foam regulator, lubricants processing aid, plastic processing aid

8. Chemical foaming agent: AC blowing agent, N/C blowing agent

9, Pigments: inorganic pigments: titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide pigments, and organic pigments

pigments red, pigment yellow, pigment blue, pigment green

10.Optical brightener: used on PVC plastics, opticcal brightener mainly used optical brightener OB-1

11. Antioxidant: 1010.168.1076

12. UVabsorber: UV531

13. Fire retardant: antimony trioxide, chlorinated paraffin 70. zinc boarte, alumium hydroxide, magnesium hydroixde 

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