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1. different of raw materials

Carbide based PVC Resin is produced by acetylene of carbide and hydrogen chloride plus direct synthesis of vinyl chloride (VCM), ethylene based PVC resin is obtained by ethylene chlorination

2. Diffrent molecular mass and molecular mass distribution

The molecular mass of Carbide based PVC resin is lower than ethylene based PVC resin, and carbide basd PVC resin molecular mass distribution is wider than ethylene process PVC resin. The molecular mass distribution is narrow, can get better processing properties of PVC resin, carbide based PVC have wide molecular weight distribution will significantly reduce the thermal stability, heat distortion temperature, electrical insulation, mechanical strength and aging resistance; also can make PVC resin not easily plasticizing uniform in the usual processing condition, the existence of internal products serious quality problemsserious internal quality problems.

3.VCM content is different

Carbide based PVC have high content impurities such as moisture, acetylene and 1, 1- di chloroethane ,so lead to reduce the thermal stability, whiteness ,stenth ,aging resistance of PVC resin, and further affect the quality of PVC products.

4. The content impurities is different

Ethylene based PVC more purity than Carbide based PVC resin

So compare with two type PVC resin Ethylene based PVC resin quliaty more better than carbide based PVC resin

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